Photo Gallery: The Parliamentarians

Great photos from The Parliamentarians. Photos by Dan Henderson.
The Parliamentarians features Scott Clarkson as Ruben Holloway, Richard Beaune as Perkins, Siobhan Richardson as Rivers, Rebecca Rodley as Lola, and Adrianna Prosser as Vera Holloway, and runs at the Red Sandcastle Theatre until June 1.

The Parliamentarians: Oh god, so close!

parliamentarians jacketTomorrow is the last rehearsal for The Parliamentarians before we move into the theatre. This is both completely exhilarating and entirely terrifying at the same time. Its exhilarating, because the cast of is really killing this. Its a lot of fun to hear the words I wrote being brought to life by these very talented actors.

The terrifying part is two-fold: this is the first play I’ve written in a long time that is being produced, so its been a long time since I’ve put myself out there like this. So there’s the fear that comes from putting something you made out for people to see. But there’s a second fear: and that’s that no one will come. How’s that for two conflicting fears: the fear that it will be seen by people, and the fear that no one will see it?

But fears aside, the truth is that I’m looking forward to having people see this play. And I really hope that people do come.



Please come

Parliamentarians in Rehearsal

Scott and Richard in Rehearsal
Scott Clarkson and Richard Beaune reading Act I, Scene 1 of The Parliamentarians.

If you ever decide to produce a play that you wrote, make sure that you get good actors to perform it. Smart actors. Actors who will ask questions and challenge your logic. Actors who make you consider the motivations you think you have for character actions. They will help you make the play better. And its wonderful.