This is a thing: June 16 2015

Episode 3: This podcast exists because I’m fatter than I used to be. In fact, in my 20s I was a lot thinner. And when I imagine myself, I’m still that thin person, even if that doens’t reflect the reality. I record this podcast as I walk to work. And I walk to work to try and get active so I can lose some of the weight

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This is a thing: June 9 2015

This-is-a-thing-Podcast-ImageAn experiment in podcasting. I’m walking to work, and during the walk, I record a podcast episode. This is the first episode.

Episode 1: Let’s talk about writing, specifically, my writing. And let’s talk about a play I wrote called The Parliamentarians.

This is a thing: June 9 2015 - Download This Episode

Note: the podcast isn’t on itunes yet. I hear that its a good idea to have three published episodes before submitting to itunes, so I’m going to do that. I’ll let you know when its available on itunes. In case, you know, you wanted to subscribe to listen to my rambling.


Off the orbit of venus

The first paragraph of a short story inspired by three words/phrases:

Off the orbit of Venus, Pirates had taken the luxury liner Athena’s Arrow, while on her maiden voyage, a collection of interplanetary dignitaries and a veritable who’s who of the rich and famous aboard. The incident was kept quiet by Cruises Interplanetary, a subsidiary company of Pantheon Galactic, that operated Athena’s Arrow. Twenty Four hours later, when official inquiries were lodged by several planetary governments, Cruises Interplanetary would claim this silence was in the best interest of the solar system. There was a real danger to the tenuous peace in the system, which was threatened almost daily in Parliament, due to the tension between the Inner and Outer planets. The more civilized Inner Planets had long suspected that the Jupiter Moon colonies had been backing the pirates who had long harried the trade ships of the Inner colonies in an effort to disrupt the trade those planets relied upon. If word of the many dignitaries aboard Athena’s Arrow when it was taken was made public, tensions barely contained would erupt and the solar system would once again be at war, after so many years of peace

Still a rough draft, but the story is coming a long nicely. And after its done, I will take my requisite break before getting to revisions.


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