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    Shakespeare, Re-translated: a reading of Romeo & Juliet



    What happens when you run Shakespeare's most famous play through the worlds most popular translation service?

    Here's the deal: We take Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and run it through a popular online language Translator into another language. Then we take that translated version and run it BACK through that same Translator and translate it back into English.

    On the night, a group of actors get up in front of an audience and read this re-translated version. They won't find out what language it was translated to and from, until that very night, and they only get to see the translated play until an hour before you hear them read it!

    This special translated version of Romeo and Juliet will be read by:
    Dave Miller
    Merrit Crews
    Tom McGee
    Richard Beaune
    Kiran Friesen
    Austin Shaefer
    Sarah Strange
    Torey Urquhart
    Scott Emmerson Moyle
    Hayley Pace
    Phil Rickaby

    This reading of Romeo and Juliet, Re-translated is a fundraiser for Phil's upcoming production this November at Toronto's Red Sandcastle.

    June 25 @ 6:30pm
    The Social Capital Theatre, 154 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON
    Tickets: $25 in advance, $30 at the door.