Historical Drama

Something I’ve been mulling over, in regards to a play I’ve been researching.  The play is a historical drama, and in addition to the research and the many books I’ve been reading, I’ve really been struggling with the issue of historical accuracy over dramatic expediency.

The particular setting that I am working on is the Upper Canada Rebellion.  This is one of my favourite “episodes” from Canadian history, and its one that so few people know the facts about.  And that’s where I am finding myself torn.  Part of me simply wants to write a historically accurate account of the events leading up to and surrounding the rebellion.  But the writer in me understands that history is not drama. Although it might be dramatic, it is not, on its own drama.  The Author is required to add the drama, which requires providing an order and a spine to the jumble of events, which they do not possess on their own.

And so, I find myself walking a fine line between honouring the history, while trying to embellish enough to make the play into a drama.

And I don’t yet know how to that. I’m mulling it around in my head.

Eventually, though, I need to stop mulling, and start writing.

Soon.  Soon.

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