This Crapshoot thing at Passe Muraille is a little nerve wracking. I’m performing a short scene from a play by Adam Bradley (a fellow Dragonquest alum).

Crapshoot works like this: there’s, I don’t know, 12 acts in the night; each act has only 5 minutes. After the show at the theatre that night, they open up the cabaret space, serve some drinks and hand everyone a “menu” of the acts on tap that night. Using the menu, the audience says what order they want to see the acts in. The votes are tabulated and the show starts. As I understand it, the acts don’t know their place in the line up until their name is called, and when your name is called, your 5 minutes start.

So, yeah. Nerve wracking.

Also nerve wracking (or adding to the wracking) is the fact that I’ve had only a week with the scene. Oh, I know: your thinking “it’s only a 5 minute scene” and you’d be right. But I feel like I could use more time. More time with the text. More time with rehearsing. Just more time.

But alas, there isn’t more time.

I should stop bitching though. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ll me spending the night of my bithday performing. What more could an actor want?

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