I have to say that it was fun.

It was a strange thing, though. Turns out the whole “crapshoot” idea went beyond the performers. The audienc in the cabaret space rolled a 6 sided die (of course only a gaming nerd like me would need to specify that it was a six sided die) and the number that came up is the amount that you paid. So getting the audience inside took a half hour. When they were all inside, there were 138 of them. So, yes the place was packed.

Adam and I were called up third, and the crowd was receptive. They laughed where we hoped they would and seemed to enjoy the scene. So that was good.

But there was one other thing that they were doing that I didn’t know about. After all the acts had performed, they had the audience fill out ballots to vote on their favourite, who would act as the headliner for the next edition of Crapshoot in month.

The upshot: our scene didn’t “win”. But the performed that did was great, and I was happy to “lose” to her.

So, a good night. But now I am tired and on my was home to sleep.

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