Dungeons & Dragons, the Zombie Apocalypse and more

A while back, D.J. From Monkeyman Productions asked me to direct a one-act play as a part of a double-bill of his plays entitled MONKEY SCI-FI HORROR THEATRE (which is appropriately typed in all caps.  Only all caps. Ever).  I said yes, and so I am directing Dead Man’s Party, a play about Dungeons & Dragons and the Zombie Apocalypse.  Which, you have to admit is pretty awesome.  If a play about Dungeons & Dragons would be pretty cool, and a play about the Zombie apocalypse would be awesome cool, then a play combining both would be super awesome cool (what can I say, I gotta let my geek flag fly).

This last Wednesday, we had our first reading of the play and next week we will begin rehearsals in earnest.  I quite like this play, and so I’m very much looking forward to having it as the first entry on my directing resume.

For those interested, MONKEY SCI-FI HORROR THEATRE runs May 22-23 and 29-30 at the Imperial Pub (54 Dundas Street East, not far from Yonge Street) with special LATE-NIGHT second performances on Saturday nights at 11pm!

In other news, on hoping to be appearing in a BYOV in the Fringe Fest this July.  Details on that when they become available.

On the writing front, I’m working on a one-man play right now.  This is going to be a long-haul kind of project, but I’m liking the process so far.

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