Directing: not all lattes and comfy chairs

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m directing Dead Man’s Party for Monkeyman Productions.  This is the first time I’ve ever directed anything, and although I’ve had some ideas in my head about what it is to be a director, and what makes a good director (what actor doesn’t?), I’ve never actually had to put any of my ideas into practice.

And so, now that I’m directing this play, each time I get ready to walk into a rehearsal, I get slightly terrrified because, this being my first attempt at directing…I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing.  I’m hoping that the things I say to the actors is helpful and that I’m not getting in their way.  I suppose I’ll be happy if when its all over, it can be said that I’m not a “bad director”.  And if people enjoy the show despite my efforts (or even better…because of them), then I’ll be even happier.

I do plan to start shooting some video as things get more interesting and we start putting things on their feet, which I will eventually edit together and post here.

On another topic, yesterday I went for a walk at lunch.  Mount Pleasant Cemetary is closeby, so I ended up walking there for a bit, when I came upon this:

One Cool Dragon

Yeah.  That’s a Fu Lion wearing sunglasses.

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