Zombie Apocalypse over! On to Fringe!

MONKEY SCI-FI HORROR THEATRE is now closed.  Directing Dead Man’s Party was a completely new experience for me, having never directed before.  Granted, I had always wondered if I would be a good director, but until the Monkeymen approached me, I had never really though seriously about directing.

All in all, I think I learned a lot.  I don’t know that I am a particularly strong director.  I approached this particular show without a strong vision for the show.  Rather, my approach was pretty simple: I just wanted to be clear about the story.  Not that this is a bad thing, but I think perhaps a stronger “vision” for the show would have helped. Additionally, I don’t think I was very good at expressing what I was looking for, nor am I completely certain that my notes were very helpful.  That said, the Monkeymen (and all the other performers) were good about it, and didn’t complain.

The performance space was the backroom of the Imperial Pub, on Dundas in Toronto. Not a traditional performance space by any stretch of the imagination.  It presented some interesting challenges.   Here’s a 180 degree panorama of the space, before we set it up as a “theatre”.  Click (as the kids say) to embiggen).


I’m certain that I could become a stronger director with practice.  I’m not entirely sure that I want to do it regularly, though.  I think I’d rather remain focused on performing.

Now that I’m done with Zombies (not that I’m completely done with zombies. After all, the zombies could rise at any time, and we must all be vigilant), its on to Out of Character, a Bring your Own Venue for the Toronto Fringe.  Well, Fringe and some Keystone Theatre planning. Looking at my June schedule, I am seeing that I’m doing one or the other almost every night of the week.  Its going to be an exhausting month.

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