Out of Character

Last night, most of the cast of Out of Character sat down to do some text work on the first few scenes of the play.  The cast is kicking some serious ass, and it looks like the rehearsal process is going to be fun.

The play is about…well, that’s the thing.  It would be easy to say that the play is about LARP (Live Action Role Playing).  Or perhaps that its a play about people who LARP.  But I don’t think that’s really it.  The Live Action Roleplaying is a backdrop, the setting.  The play is actually about what happens if you meet your soulmate, but you are already with someone else.

There’s a particular challenge to the setting of the play, and that’s the fact that the average theatre-goer isn’t familiar with LARP, so in order to catch them up and immerse them in the setting, the play has to very quickly give them information about the world and what its about. I think the play does this rather well.  Of course, I’m more familiar with the setting than the average theatre-goer would be.  Fortunately there are some folks in the cast who have no familiarity, so they should be able to tell if its not clear.

Here is a panorama of us sitting around the table (click to embiggen).  And ignore the phantom coke bottle.


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  1. thank you thank you thank you for hiding me in this pic – I’m still hung over from my car sickness, count: day 3. But you have earned cookies for yourself for not posting the evidence of how awful I looked. Gracias.

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