A song about Sibby

Last night, another rehearsal, with a revised script.

I can’t say enough what fun the rehearsals have been.  The cast is still laughing a lot between scenes.  But there’s a lot that’s getting done.  The show is blocked almost completely.  Now we get into the repetition and exploration.  Its good that its blocked though: We open in 3 weeks from yesterday!

Last night, before rehearsal, I stopped by the Cat’s Eye (which is where we’ll be performing) to remind myself what the place looks like.  I couldn’t get in, but I did take a picture or two.  Here’s the outside (in Panoramic view, of course).


I like the location, because its a nice place to hang out before a show, and secluded enough that there isn’t a lot of extraneous noise when the show inside is going on.

If you’re curious where this little oasis is located, here’s a map.

View Larger Map

Also, I keep meaning to shoot some rehearsal video.  I haven’t gotten around to it.  I will soon.

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