Keystone Video and 2 weeks

Last night, I sat down and watched the video from the Keystone Theatre workshop presentation from last November. I hadn’t watched it before, and it was certainly an interesting experience. Watching the video, its easy to see the things that did work and the things that didn’t. Not surprisingly, the scenes that we had worked on the most were the ones that were the best (ie: got the most laughs, looked best, etc). It was also apparent when things were not working well. There was more positive than negative about watching the video, and I’m feeling very positive for when we return to work on this show again in the fall.

On the Fringe front, its suddenly hit me that we open in two weeks. Well to be exact, two weeks tomorrow. I need to buckle down on lines, and though I’m happy to have an evening to spend at home, I’ll be happy to get back to rehearsal tomorrow.

The last few rehearsals, Leeman Kessler, who plays the role of Nick in Out of Character, has been arriving looking pretty suave: like a 1040s jazz singer, or a little like Gene Kelly. Except for the shoes, that is, which I reveal for you below: sandals.


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