Exciting and New

Finalized script.  Play all blocked.  Costumes being….considered,  and in some cases have been actually purchased or even DECIDED UPON! What more could we want?

With less than 2 weeks till we open, I might answer: a little more time.  But since that’s not an option (unless you can affect the flow of time, in which case you could be my new best friend), I’ll answer: nothing.

I do enjoy these rehearsals.  Its a fun group of actors to work with, although at the moment there are a couple of plague-bringers within the group.  Fortunately, though, the rest of us seem healthy.  Cross your fingers that it stays that way.  I would really like to avoid a repeat of what happened when I played Puck in Midsummer: I got so sick that I have no memory of opening night – I know I performed, but I don’t remember it.  Anyway, as amusing as that might be, I’d prefer not to have that happen again.  (Yes, Mom. I’m drinking plenty of liquids).  But the point is that there are some really fun scenes in the play.  They will be made even better by not having to be looking at the script!

This Sunday, Stephen Near, the playwright is attending rehearsal.  Hopefully he likes where we’re going.

Here’s a shot from last night’s rehearsal.


I would like to point out that this is the only shot where the two of them weren’t giggling.

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