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I have realized that I haven’t really posted the dates for Out of Character at the Toronto Fringe Festival.  Oh, sure I’ve posted them on the handy calendar on the site here, but I haven’t really made much of the dates.  Sure, the dates are available on Facebook, but I think its important to put them out there, outside of the Facebook firewall where Google can see them.

Out of Character runs nightly from Wednesday-Sunday July 1st to July 12th (dark on Tuesday, July 7th) at 8 pm in The Cats Eye, 150 Charles Street West (basement of the Wymilwood building).

Written by Stephen Near and Directed by Ericka Skirpan. Featuring: Adrianna Prosser and Leeman Kessler, with Kat Leonard, Nick May, Jessica Moss, Phil Rickaby, Kevin Robinson, and Scott Sykes.

Wednesday July 1 @ 8PM
Thursday July 2 @ 8PM
Friday July 3 @ 8PM
Saturday July 4 @ 8PM
Sunday July 5 @ 8PM
Monday July 6 @ 8PM
wednesday July 8 @ 8PM
Thursday July 9 @ 8PM
Friday July 10 @ 8PM
Saturday July 11 @ 8PM
Sunday July 12 @ 8PM

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