Fringe: The Most Important Thing

For people who aren’t regular Fringers, there is a very important thing that might not be known:  for plays in the Fringe, the most important thing for any show is Word of Mouth.  Advertising may be important for Fringe, but Word of Mouth is king.   Shows live or die by the buzz they receive (or don’t receive).  If you liked a show, the best thing you can do for that show, is tell someone.  You can tell your friends, you can tell fellow fringers.  Or, you can leave a review at the Eye Weekly Fringe page, where the weekly newspapers reviews mix with audience reviews, to give potential audience members as  many opinions on all the shows as possible.

I’m not just saying this because I’m in a show in the Toronto Fringe that could use some good buzz.  All Fringe shows could use good buzz.  So, if you saw something you liked…tell someone.

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