Brutal Summer

This summer has been just brutal on my asthma.  Its almost as though things held off just until the Fringe show was over (thank you, Doctor Theatre) but as soon as the show was done: BAM asthma city.  This has meant that I pretty much have not had a day when i wasn’t wheezing and coughing, though today the cough has just been getting worse.  I have already been to the hospital once. Fortunately, I haven’t had to go back yet.  However, with the way the cough is going, I’m beginning to be afraid that I may have to.

I have been having some irrational fear about the breathing that I’ve been experiencing, that it might be something more than just asthma.  Normally one might just go to the doctor and ask them for their opinion, but I don’t have a family doctor, and haven’t for many years.  I have to to to the walk-in clinic, which is not exactly condusive to expressing concerns.  Most walk-in clinics operate on a revolving door system: get the patient in, turn them around, get them out as quickly as possible.    So I should probably find a doctor, at they very least to allay these silly fears.

If you are curious what the last visit to the hospital looked like, here’s a taste.

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