A Weekend of Nerd Approaches

This weekend is the Toronto Fan Expo, which basically brings together every excuse for nerd-dom that there is: Comics, Science Fiction, Horror, Anime, and Gaming.  There will be merch to buy, artists to see and meet, a few movie screenings, cosplayers, the 501st Legion, celebrities of varying degrees, and generaly geektasticness.

I have enjoyed Fan Expo the last few years I’ve gone, and expect that I will enjoy it this year as well.  I enjoy watching geeks of all stripes come together in one place.  I love watching the cosplayers strut their stuff, and how a great costume will make everyone geek out.  I love seeing merch that you can really only find at a convention like this, the kind of nerd specific stuff that you can’t walk into a store to find.  I love that exhibitors range from people hawking hand-made merchandise, to publishers like Udon, to independent new media like Team Epic.

This year, I intend to take in more than just the merch floor and the cosplayers.  I intend to go to some panels (a few look interesting) and meet some people.  I even have a business meeting on Sunday before the con opens (that’s a first for me).

The weekend can’t come soon enough.

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