Preview Tonight

 This evening, we preview The Belle of Winnipeg.  It will be the first time an audience has seent this play based on the Silent Film style since we started work on it.  This is a new play, in a new style, something that no one has really seen before.  We’re all more than a little anxious, which is only natural.  We don’t know how an audience will react, if they will laugh loudly, or if they’ll be so concentrated on the style that they will be quiet, or even if they will think its funny at all.

Last night’s dress rehearsal was rough, but we got through it.  We did have to stop at one point for a safety issue, but that won’t happen again (actually, it can’t).  Aside from that, there isn’t much more to say.  The audience will either enjoy it or they won’t.

I’ll report back when its over.

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