Belle: Preview Down, Now an Opening

Last night’s Preview of the Belle of Winnipeg went quite well.  The audience was very responsive and was laughing out of the gate.  I had expected that an audience would need some time to figure out the "language" of the play before reacting to much of the "funny", but last night’s group seemed to get it right away.  I don’t think we can rely on that to happen every time, but it was good to get such great reactions the first time the play was put in front of an audience.

The great thing about last night, is that we were able to see that all the work we’ve been putting in for the last (almost) four years has resulted in a show – an honest to goodness show.  Its a show that only exists because of the people who made it.  Each of the people involved in the creation of this play contributed so much that if you were to change a single person, the show would be completely different, and (I think) would be diminished because of it.  The ensemble is this show, and it cannot exist without every single one of them (er…us).

Tonight is the big night: Opening Night.  There’s a bunch of reviewers, industry types, and hopefully a lot of other people coming.  Reception after the show, which I can only stay a short time for, since tomorrow I’m back to the daily work "grind".  Its been great having this time off, but if I want to keep a roof over my head…I’ve got to go back to the day job.  Sure, I’ll be tired tomorrow, but its worth it to be doing this show.

Here’s hoping for broken legs (as they say) tonight.

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