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Now that I am no longer rehearsing/performing a show at the New Ideas Festival, I can turn my attention back to writing, something I haven’t really been able to do since I needed to stay concentrated on the play for the festival.

I had wanted to turn my attention back to the one-man play I was working on, but I find myself a bit stuck there.  I don’t know that the thing is working theatrically.  I like how it works on the page, but it is lacking the necessary theatricality that would make it  stage-worthy.  I’m not sure where to take it just yet, but I know that its not “ready” the way it is.  I need to mull this over for a while, and try to figure out where to take the play.

Next, turning my attention to the historical play, I need to make a start on that.  This one, I think I have distilled into its necessary parts, I know where I’m deviating from true history and why (which I need to do for the sake of the story I’m telling), and its about time to start putting the pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it were).

I admit to being slightly disappointed with myself, since I had originally wanted to finish the one-man play before moving on to the historical drama.  I really need to sit down with a couple of people and figure out what’s missing before I can get back to it.  So…on to history.

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