Starting from scratch

Last night, after struggling for a few days with a motivational deficiency, I finally picked up pen and paper and started working on a new draft of The Commandment (incidentally, when I say I picked up “pen and paper” I mean it literally, for this draft I’m gonna kick it old school…write on paper.  How analog). Reading over the last draft, I’m finding problems with the story that I’d glossed over before.  I think I was just happy to be finished the thing, and convinced myself that the problems weren’t that serious.  As a piece of Drama, however, its relatively unsuccessful at the moment.  I was having trouble readjusting the content, moving it and making changes.  So I decided that I would start over. I can reference the previous draft if I need to, but I wanted to take a shot at a fresh beginning.

Tonight: Rehearsal for Everybody Dies.

In other news, I should really start thinking about a vacation.  I didn’t take my usual writing vacation this year.  Might need to do something about that.

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