World Theatre Day 2011

World Theatre Day occurs on March 27.  The 2010 edition has passed by, but I noted that there isn’t really much that happens in Toronto to mark this day.  Sure there are people who participate via Facebook and Twitter, but it seems that actual events (you know, where people can actually show up and participate in some way) don’t seem to happen here.  In fact, the only place in Canada where I know that there were some events to mark the day was in Vancouver.

It really is a shame that more isn’t done to mark this “world day”, and I think that needs to change for next year.  Couldn’t we have several cities across Canada participating, contributing some theatre.  Perhaps a live video feed between all the participating locations, so that everyone can share in it?

Maybe that’s a lofty goal, but why not?

What would you like to see happening for World Theatre Day 2011?

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  1. I’d like to see events to involve the non-theatre community. Outreach to our audiences, not just to entertain, but to help them understand what goes in to making theatre, the myriad talents. Get them excited about what we do and how we do it. Perhaps events the other way, too. What can the professions in the audience provide for theatre? Advertising seminars? Physio and Pilates classes? Nutritional counseling? Stress management? Budgeting? Any maybe something fun: free admission to Ontario Place with your headshot & resume or Maglite and Leatherman!

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