I’m in a musical

A while back I was cast in a new horror musical called “Everybody Dies”.  I’ll be playing the role of the High School home ec teacher who might be less friendly than he seems for the first weekend of the two-week run, August 19-21.

The book is something along the lines of “if the child of the Rocky Horror Show and Evil Dead the musical hooked up with Reapo”.  I’m not even kidding.  Its a bit campy and lot silly, and pretty…um bloody.  It’s going to be a high-energy romp with a lot of music.

That said, its not something I’m likely to invite my mom to.  After all, this is a play in which someone (I’m not saying who, but it might be my character) gets strangled with their own intestines.  But if you liked any of the shows I mentioned above, you’ll probably love it.  I know I’m having a blast rehearsing it.

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