On Sunday night, I was out with Daisy MacLean having pancakes for dinner, when I got a call from my landlord telling me that the basement was flooding. Unfortunately, I live in said basement. I rushed home, and was fortunate to find that although the carpet in the apartment was sopping wet, that I hadn’t lost anything valuable.  Only a few clothes I could stand to lose anyway.

The carpet, however, needed to be torn up and disposed of, and we had to start doing it on Monday.  Fortunately, I had booked Monday and Tuesday off work.  I’ll be honest, when I booked those days off, it was so that I could relax before attending the Dora awards on Monday night, and recover from a late night out on Tuesday.  These days were certainly nothing like I had planned. I had to clear out all the wet clothes (and other soaking things) and move furniture around, so that we could start pulling up the carpet.

By the time it was time to get ready for the Doras, I was in a lot of pain.  A hot shower didn’t help much, but I got into my suit and headed out to meet Dana Fradkin and Kim & Richard Beaune for dinner.  Although none of the four of us were personally up for Doras for The Belle of Winnipeg, the four of us had been at the very first meeting for the project that became The Belle of Winnipeg, and we were bursting with pride to see Lorie Brown, David Atkinson and Ginette Mohr nominated for Dora Awards.  In the end, only David took home an award, but for us, the nominations were a confirmation that the show we had worked on or 4 years had a future (and that’s something we’ll be pursuing). After the very long ceremony, I stuck around for the after party for only a few minutes, because I was dead on my feet, still in a lot of pain, with more work to do the following day.

Today, the carpet had been removed, and the floor needed to be washed.  Right now, without carpet, its basically a concrete floor, but we’ll be looking at getting some rugs to put down.  After the floor had dried it was time to start putting the apartment back together. It was slow going, because my body still hurt and every movement pretty much just made it worse.

The apartment is mostly put back together, but there’s still work to do. And at some point this week, a plumber will come to take a look at the drain that backed up.

I go back to work tomorrow, not having had much of a vacation at all, and still in pain.

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