Creative Support Group

I’ve been thinking lately about the ebb and flow of the creative impulse.

I find that when I am surrounded by creative people, that I am inspired to create.  When I have sat down and had coffee with a group of actors, writers, or directors (or what have you) for days afterwards I find my creative energies more focused and more powerful.  Over time, if that creative contact has not been renewed, I find that I get distracted by the many non-creative pursuits/demands that surround me.  I’ll get caught up in stuff from my day job and to wind down I’ll fire up the video games, or without the creative inspiration that these creative folks bring out in me, I’ll just fire up the video games instead of writing or working on something creative.

This is something I’d like to change.  I’d like to keep the creative energies going, and to that end, I’d like to propose a regular get-together of creative people.  Coffee (or beer for those who drink it) at some place where we can sit and talk about theatre, or writing (or whatever) in the hopes that I can keep the creative juices flowing (and hopefully so the other folks participating).

So, thoughts?  Would you be interested in such a group?


  1. Phil,
    I would love to post this on my art blog linking back to here to see if I can get some interest in your group.
    Let me know your thoughts.


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