what’s your opinion on mandated workshops in conjunction with/as part of the rehearsal process for a production? (there often seems to be a bit of resistence on the part of actors …)

If you are referring to “connecting with your audience” style workshops, I’m all for them. Theatre artists need to connect with their audience more. Theatre companies need to do so as well. I can understand why some actors might be reluctant. If its inviting the audience into a rehearsal, then I know quite a few actors who would be reluctant. Heck, I would probably be reluctant. The rehearsal is where the actor tries new things and is free to fail. What happens there isn’t for audience consumption, and most actors would feel like they need to perform for their audience. If, however, the workshop consists of working with the audience, having them do some exercises with the actors, participating along side them, then I don’t see any reason to be reluctant.

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