Rehearsal Video Documentation: Suggestions wanted

Very shortly, I’ll be going into rehearsal for a show that will be collectively created.  We would like to document the rehearsal process, and release videos showing some of the process, in order to “bring our audience into the rehearsal hall.”

I have a small digital video camera, SSD storage.  The video quality isn’t great, but its what I have.

We’re looking at having 2-4 hour chunks of time, when I’d like to just have the video running, capturing what’s going on, and then going back and editing the video later.  One of the concerns I have is that the resulting video file might be so big that it will be almost impossible for me to work with, at least in terms of importing from the camera to the computer and then editing.

For those who have documented before, do you think a camera with SSD Storage will do for such an endeavor?  Is there some other camera that you might recommend (not too expensive, please).  Am I concerned about nothing?

Anything I should know before starting this?

Any suggestions, thoughts, or even anecdotes would be appreciated.

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