Montreal Fringe, done and done

I just realized that the last post I made was in the middle of the Montreal Fringe.  So, how did things end up?

We’re really happy with the buzz we were able to generate in Montreal.  Our audience for The Last Man on Earth grew consistently as the Fringe went on, and we got lots of positive feedback, both from the audience at the end of the show, people who stopped us at the Fringe Park, and in reviews.  By the last show, we sold out, and sold out to the point where we had to turn people away.  In the end, we were nominated for Best English Language production.  We didn’t win, but that didn’t matter so much; its a cliche, but we were honoured to be nominated.

Montreal was a great starting point for our tour, and we were happy to be a part of it.  Things will only grow from here.

It was also great to be in Montreal for an extended period and to see it less like a tourist and more like a resident might.  The city kept trying to convince me that I should fall in love with it, from the scenery (I’ve never seen more beautiful resdiential housing in a downtown area), to the parks that seem to be neighbourhood hubs, to the neighbourhoods themselves, which function as neighbourhoods.  It was very different from Toronto.

More exciting to me is the journey West, because I’ve been to Montreal before, but I’ve never been to Winnipeg, Calgary or Edmonton, so that’s really exciting.

Oh, and one more thing: I meant to post more often.  So, if you see a lack of posts after a few days once we head out on the Western leg of the tour, give me a poke on twitter to remind me to post.

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