Winnipeg: first performance day

We arrived in Winnipeg on time with a bit of extra time before our tech rehearsal. In three hours at tech, we were able to focus lights, set up and do a run through (we didn’t think we would get a run through in, so that was a pleasant surprise). Yesterday we got out bearings, put up some posters and did a bit of postcarding.

Today is the big day: our first show is tonight at 9:30. In the meantime, this afternoon we are going to set up Penelope’s Pie Stand like we did in Montreal.

This Fringe is huge. A lot of people go to Fringe, and not just people who normally do theatre. There is a huge audience for Fringe here, and it’s a little hard to fathom. It’s like most of the city is excited for Fringe, which is very exciting.

Tonight, we perform, and we find out just how good our advanced buzz is.

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