What a long, glorious time this has been. For the last week and a bit, we have really not stopped at all. When we haven’t been performing, we have been doing promotion. But all that work has really paid off. Audiences have been great. We have had a lot of people see our show, and they have been incredibly enthusiastic. Lots of laughing, and thunderous applause, and a couple of standing ovations. It’s been great. And we get an additional show tomorrow, as we we named Best of Fest, which is like Toronto Fringe’s Patron’s Pick. So, at 2:45 tomorrow afternoon, we will perform the show an extra time.

The downside is that I am pretty exhausted. We have been out all day, every day. And we are all feeling the same. It’s a lot of work, and we are looking forward to the drive to Calgary on Monday, since we’ll be able to get a bit of a rest from fringe. That should be enough for us to recharge, and do it all again in a new city.

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