Calgary: the first few days

Our first few days in Calgary were a little shocking after the wildness of Winnipeg. Calgary Fringe is much smaller than Winnipeg, and our first few audiences were quite small. We are slowly building though, and I think that by the end we will be doing very well. We just have to work the promotion of the show. So, today, we are going out to flyer a bunch of lineups before our 9pm show tonight. After the show, a group of us are off to Edmonton to go to the media launch there, in the hopes of gaining some advance press in Edmonton tomorrow. Then we come back for another 9pm show tomorrow. It will be tiring, but we have the opportunity for it to be really great for us.

Although things have been really busy, I am missing a lot of people at home. But it won’t be too much longer before I see them again.

I’ll have more form the road soon.

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