Last night would have been our last show, both of the Edmonton Fringe, and the summer tour. We would be on the road tomorrow morning, heading back home to Toronto. Except that it wasn’t, and we won’t be… At least not yet.

We were selected to be held over for two additional performances at the big mainstage, so we will be staying in Edmonton a little while longer.

Edmonton Fringe has been quite a ride. It can be overwhelming. There are massive numbers of people, many out for the buskers and the food (and the beer tents). The first few days, I needed to take some time away from the crowds and try to find a quiet corner, which was not an easy feat. Our first show sold out, as did most of our other performances, and the reviews have been amazing.

The holdover allows us to put off the end of the tour, which will be bittersweet. The tour has been so successful, and the cast so close, that the end is more than a little sad. But we are also tired, and ready to go home.

Today, we will move our set to the big theatre, and tonight we will go to the Fringe closing. And then… A day off.

This photo was taken immediately before what was to be our last show:


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