An Idea: Let’s do this

For quite a while, I have been a fan of the American Theatre Wing’s podcast Downstage Center. I found it a fascinating look at theatre professionals (since not all the guests were actors) and their careers. Some of the actors I was familiar with and others I was not. The Director of the Wing, Howard Sherman acted as host (and I believe founded the podcast) and asked insightful and interesting questions bringing out some great stories from the people being interviewed.

Of course, as a Canadian, I was always excited when a Canadian actor appeared on the show (I remember doing a little fist pump when Stephen Ouimette appeared on the show. Canadian voices were, of course few and far between. The show was, after all, produced by the American Theatre Wing. Of course, I know that there are plenty of Canadian actors, directors, stage managers and…well, people involved in theatre who have stories to tell. So, I’ve been thinking: how about a podcast dedicated to those people and their stories?

So, I’m going to do it. I’m going to start a podcast featuring actors, directors and the rest. Let’s call it “Off Stage” for want of a better name at the moment. If you’re in theatre and want to take part, let me know.  I’ll start posting when I have some interviews recorded.

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