The Chicago Sun-Times – Toronto vs. Chicago

Congratulations, Sun-Times. You managed to try and talk up Chicago by demeaning Toronto, and the the process showed your ignorance. Your writer makes a point of saying “I’ve spent some time in Toronto”, and then proceed to list nothing that’s interesting in Toronto, as though desperately trying to make sure you paint Toronto as a bleak, bland wasteland.

They have . . . ah . . . Tim Horton’s doughnuts shops, which I’ve eaten at, and which offers perfectly adequate doughnuts — not the excellent, artisanal doughnuts you’ll find on every block nowadays in Chicag0.

Tim Hortons? Really? That’s the first thing you list as something Toronto has? As though…its our finest restaurant or something? Oh, sure, there are plenty. But there are just as many Starbucks and independent coffee houses. You couldn’t mention those? Or the actual restaurants?

So I won’t start waxing on the generic, anodyne nature of life in Toronto. Its nondescript skyline whose only noteworthy element is a TV antenna. Its generic monuments; the Monument to Multiculturalism in front of the Fairmont Hotel comes to mind. The city also has a memorial to people killed in industrial accidents — I kid you not

The skyline is nondescript? I’ve never thought that. I have always loved our skyline and thought it beautiful. And as for our monuments…really? Yes, there is some crappy public art. What city doesn’t have that? You couldn’t, of course, mention the beautiful theatres, the museums, the art galleries? No, you couldn’t do that, because you can’t for a second let anyone reading think that Toronto has anything of cultural value.

And all of this, because Canadian Business magazine had an article about how Toronto might be larger in size than Chicago. Well, congratulations. You just showed how small you really are.

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  1. That’s pretty crappy of them. It’s like a Pepsi ad, and Toronto is Coke. 🙁
    I do have to agree about the skyline though. If you take out the CN Tower, it would be unrecognizable in comparison to somewhere like NYC. We have a lot of rectangular buildings. Not that I think I’d recognize Chicago’s skyline though.
    But please, if he has to knock another city to make his sound great, and his city is Chicago… he’s a really shitty writer.

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