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Take Control of your Online Identity

Chances are, that someone out there is Googling your name. Maybe they are a potential employer (casting director, agent, director, Artistic director, etc). Maybe its somone who saw you in aRead More

Getting visitors and keeping them

Let’s assume for a moment, that you have a web site.  Now, you are asking yourself, how you get visitors to your site. Believe me, that’s a question that people haveRead More

Uploading (easier than you think)

Right now, I’m going to talk about something that you will probably have to do at least once, if you want to  make your own site.  This particular post, is forRead More

Blogging, how and why

Previously, I mentioned blogging as an option for your web site. Lets assume for a moment that you have no idea what a blog is, so I can make sure thatRead More

Finding the host with the most

Once you’ve decided what kind of site you want to have, you’ll need to find a host for your site. Just like with domain registration, there are many thousands of options.Read More