Fringe buzz round up

Here is a taste of the kind of reviews we have been getting so far. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

CBC Manitoba gave The Last Man on Earth five stars, and named it their Outstanding Physical Comedy of Winnipeg Fringe, while the Winnipeg Free Press gave the show four stars. The Calgary Herald gave The Last Man on Earth four and a half stars and called it “pure speechless delight” while FFWD Weekly called the play “a solidly entertaining hour of theatre, possibly unlike any you’ve seen before”.


Calgary: the first few days

Our first few days in Calgary were a little shocking after the wildness of Winnipeg. Calgary Fringe is much smaller than Winnipeg, and our first few audiences were quite small. We are slowly building though, and I think that by the end we will be doing very well. We just have to work the promotion of the show. So, today, we are going out to flyer a bunch of lineups before our 9pm show tonight. After the show, a group of us are off to Edmonton to go to the media launch there, in the hopes of gaining some advance press in Edmonton tomorrow. Then we come back for another 9pm show tomorrow. It will be tiring, but we have the opportunity for it to be really great for us.

Although things have been really busy, I am missing a lot of people at home. But it won’t be too much longer before I see them again.

I’ll have more form the road soon.

Winnipeg: last days

What a long, glorious time this has been. For the last week and a bit, we have really not stopped at all. When we haven’t been performing, we have been doing promotion. But all that work has really paid off. Audiences have been great. We have had a lot of people see our show, and they have been incredibly enthusiastic. Lots of laughing, and thunderous applause, and a couple of standing ovations. It’s been great. And we get an additional show tomorrow, as we we named Best of Fest, which is like Toronto Fringe’s Patron’s Pick. So, at 2:45 tomorrow afternoon, we will perform the show an extra time.

The downside is that I am pretty exhausted. We have been out all day, every day. And we are all feeling the same. It’s a lot of work, and we are looking forward to the drive to Calgary on Monday, since we’ll be able to get a bit of a rest from fringe. That should be enough for us to recharge, and do it all again in a new city.

Winnipeg: first performance day

We arrived in Winnipeg on time with a bit of extra time before our tech rehearsal. In three hours at tech, we were able to focus lights, set up and do a run through (we didn’t think we would get a run through in, so that was a pleasant surprise). Yesterday we got out bearings, put up some posters and did a bit of postcarding.

Today is the big day: our first show is tonight at 9:30. In the meantime, this afternoon we are going to set up Penelope’s Pie Stand like we did in Montreal.

This Fringe is huge. A lot of people go to Fringe, and not just people who normally do theatre. There is a huge audience for Fringe here, and it’s a little hard to fathom. It’s like most of the city is excited for Fringe, which is very exciting.

Tonight, we perform, and we find out just how good our advanced buzz is.

Winnipeg ahoy

Today we will arrive in Winnipeg. This evening we will load into the theatre and go through our tech. This is all very exciting.

The past couple days have been a blur. So much so, that I just realized that it hasn’t even been two days since my last post. Seems it’s hard to keep track of the days when you are spending 8 to 10 hours in a car.

The trip had been good so far, save for the fact that I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night, what with the unfamiliar beds and rooms. But I will land into a sleep schedule soon enough.

We are currently driving to Kenora, where we will stretch legs, have lunch, and switch drivers. Then it’s just a couple of hours to Winnipeg.

This is really happening!