Rough Draft

Each Week, I present a work in progress, a snippet from something I’m working on, or maybe something I wrote just for fun. These are experimental, and may never again see the light of day, but some may end up in a final project, a play or story. This podcast is updated, as new pieces are created, so the podcast is updated irregularly.

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Rough Draft: The Preston Incident

Preston is the nightmare child, that Nick, a reluctant mall Santa, has always dreaded.

Rough Draft: In His House at R’lyeh

I picked up an old notebook, opened it, and it fell open to this little story, based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

Rough Draft: Go you, real beard Santa

This week’s piece is part of a project I have been working on that was inspired by last episode’s Krampus poem.

Nick hates Christmas. He hates it because his mother has a habit of calling him “her little Santa Claus” and the kids at school found out, and now he’s bullied because of it.

Rough Draft: Krampus Night

Episode 1: Krampus night. A poem that inspired my current writing/theatre project.