Dear Google(+)


Congratulations on launching your Facebook competition, Google+.  It sounds like it might be interesting to try. However, being a Google Apps user, I cannot try it.  As you know, recently you changed all Google Apps accounts so that they could be the user’s “Google Account”.  Using my Google Apps account as my Google Account was something I had been wanting, as it opened up many other features.

However, it appears that you are not taking this into account when you launch new features.  As a Google Apps user, I am not able to use Google Plus, because I need to have a Google Profile, and Google Profiles are not available to Google Apps users.

I really don’t understand why you do this.  Why do you make integration of new offerings so difficult for Google Apps users?  Especially more so now that our Apps account is now our Google Account.  You’re limiting some of your most loyal users simply by not taking them into account when you launch new features.

Google, you can do better than this.  Please try to do so in the future.