Phil Rickaby is a writer, theatre creator, and podcaster from Toronto, Canada.

Phil Rickaby as Gormless Joe, Stephen Lafrenie as The Devil in The Last Man on Earth

As a theatre creator, Phil is a founding member of Keystone Theatre, a Toronto company that creates plays inspired by silent film. As a creator/performer, Phil created the role of Gormless Joe, a silent film-style “tramp” character, for Keystone Theatre’s premiere show, The Belle of Winnipeg. Phil also appeared as Joe in both of Keystone Theatre’s subsequent plays, The Last Man on Earth and Gold Fever.

He is also the writer and performer of The Commandment, a solo play about an atheist who discovers that he’s been chosen to deliver a new commandment. The Commandment has been seen at Fringe Festivals across Canada, and was named Best Solo Show at the 2018 Fundy Fringe. Phil is also the writer and Performer of The Introvert’s Guide to Life, Leaving the House, Going to Parties, and Having an Okay Time which premiered at the 2022 Fundy Fringe Festival and was named Fan Favourite.

As a podcaster, Phil is the host and producer of Stageworthy, a podcast about creativity and the performing arts. Phil started Stageworthy due to what he saw as a lack of Canadian voices talking about theatre in the podcast world. Inspired by Howard Sherman‘s time as host of the American Theatre Wing‘s Downstage Centre podcast, Phil gives voice to theatre creators from across Canada.

Phil is also one of the cohosts of The Introvert’s Guide To…, a podcast for introverts by introverts, he creates with his fellow theatre-maker, Jess McAuley.

In a merging of the writing, performing and podcasting worlds, Phil has created two audio dramas, 2020’s “Saint” Nick and the Big F*ck Up and 2021’s It Sees You When You’re Sleeping.