Acting Resume


Phil Rickaby is an actor and playwright, and a founding a member of Keystone Theatre, a Toronto company that creates plays inspired by silent film. You may have seen him as Gormless Joe in Keystone Theatre’s The Belle of Winnipeg, The Last Man on Earth, and Gold Fever, as well as in the films Abolition, The Dragon and the Unicorn and So You’ve Decided to be Attacked by Zombies.

Selected Credits: Theatre

Scarred Leather   Bill  Whiskey Ginger Collective  Eric Wolf
 The Commandment  Thomas Homebody Productions  Richard Beaune
Gold Fever  Gormless Joe  Keystone Theatre  Richard Beaune
The Last Man on Earth Gormless Joe Keystone Theatre Ginette Mohr
Phoenix II: The Mongolar Maneuver Sir Alec Guthrie Monkeyman Productions Martin Chodorek
An Inked Heart Ed Alumnae Theatre Heather Keith
The Belle of Winnipeg Gormless Joe Keystone Theatre Richard Beaune
Out of Character Randy In the Moment Erika Skirpan
The Stranger John Alumnae Theatre Erika Skirpan
MacBeth Satan ACT Productions Richard Beaune
Hamlet Polonius Forward Theatre C.S. Legacy
A Midsummer Night’s
Puck In The Moment Erika Skirpan
As You Like It Touchstone In The Moment Erika Skirpan
Edmund Ironside Bishop of York Firebrand Theatre Richard Beaune
MacBeth Hecate/Seyton Tempest Theatre Richard Beaune
Trial of Judith K. Psychopath Paradigm Productions Stephen Near
Central Park West Howard Tribal Productions Sam Rosenthal

Selected Credits: Film/TV

Abolition Graham (Featured) Skeleton Key Global Films Mike Klassen
Inventions that Shook the World Featured Proper Television David Weaver
Curious and Unusual Deaths Featured Lamport-Sheppard David Weaver
August Heywood August (Principal) SM  Productions Sarah Malden
Behind Closed Doors Icarus (Principal) Homeless Productions Mike Klassen
The Dragon and the
Earl (Principal) Film Friday Cal Brunker
More Than Skeletons Jason (Principal) Between Worlds Daisy MacLean
So You’ve Decided to be
Attacked by Zombies
Mark (Principal) Between Worlds Daisy MacLean