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Websites and my DIY philosophy

I’m sort of a “web evangelist”.  Whenever I talk to actors and other performing artists, I almost always ask if they have a website.  Most don’t.  When I ask them why, IRead More

Social Media: yes you should tweet

Warning: I’m going to talk twitter.  Not about things that happened on twitter, but about twitter in general. Let’s face a sad truth: most actors don’t have a publicist.  Heck, mostRead More

Blogging: you are the product

The other day, I was talking with Siobhan Richardson about her blog, and she mentioned that sometimes she wonders how much to talk about in her posts.  Specifically, how to dealRead More

Take Control of your Online Identity

Chances are, that someone out there is Googling your name. Maybe they are a potential employer (casting director, agent, director, Artistic director, etc). Maybe its somone who saw you in aRead More

Getting visitors and keeping them

Let’s assume for a moment, that you have a web site.  Now, you are asking yourself, how you get visitors to your site. Believe me, that’s a question that people haveRead More