The Annual Navel Gaze: 2017

As I say every year, I don’t do New Years resolutions. Instead, I take a look back at the past year and take stock of the things that happened, the things I accomplished, and then look a head to the new year and see what I want to accomplish. So let’s dive in the past year:

  • First stop: the thing that ended up defining the second half of the year, and pretty much overshadowed everything that came before: my break up. That was really a really difficult and unexpected thing (which I suppose they often are). I moved, bought all new furniture, and started getting used to not being the duo I was. It was really hard, but it was also very loving. There was no acrimony, and it was actually a pretty loving breakup, and I am very happy that we have been able to stay friends.
  • My friends took good care of me. Its always good to be reminded that you have wonderful people in your life, and my friends sure reminded me. They stepped up when I needed them, and made sure I had the support I needed through the transition in this second half of the year.
  • My theatre podcast, Stageworthy reached its 100th episode, which is an important milestone in the life of any podcast. A lot of podcasts never make it to 100, so I was really happy to get and surpass that number.
  • I kept a steady pace writing my Christmas play. I had intended to perform it this year, but through circumstances, that fell through. This was a blessing, though. Because while I think that it would have been fine, it would have been a bit of a rush to get it done and ready. Postponing it means that I can make it better, than it would have been, and I actually feel better about having more time.
  • I launched my Rough Draft podcast, where I read pieces that are fresh off the pen, or things I wrote and put aside for a bit.
  • I started working with the folks at Geektropolis on a geek/pop culture podcast, which you will see in the near year.

What about next year? Here are some things I want to accomplish:

  • Finish and perform the Christmas play (I guess I should come up with a title for it, so I can stop calling it “the Christmas play”).
  • Find an opportunity to perform The Commandment. The challenge is that The Commandment is of a length that is good for a festival, but not long enough to stand on its own outside of a festival. I didn’t get into the Toronto Fringe, so I’m trying to find a venue where I can do a BYOV for Toronto Fringe.
  • I want to do some new things with Stageworthy this year, like a regular Indie Producer’s roundtable, maybe finally get the Playwright’s roundtable going (like I’ve wanted to from the beginning). Maybe I can finally crack the problem with Crowdfunding for indie theatre that I’ve been mulling over for years with a roundtable discussion on the topic.
  • And a challenge for my introverted self: say yes to more social engagements. I have a habit of not going out to things because…well: introvert. But I have found in the past that when I make myself go, I always have a good time. So, that’s my challenge to myself: go out more with people.

How was your year? What did you accomplish and what challenges did you face? And what are you looking forward to for next year?