The Commandment, a play by me at the Hamilton Fringe

I have been meaning to write about this here for a while. Every so often, I’ll start to write about this, and then either delete the post or just stop writing it. I’m really terrible at promoting my own stuff, though if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you’re probably more aware of this than if you just follow me here.

I wrote a play, and I’m going to be performing it. Of course, “I wrote a play” makes it sound like no big thing. But this play is a first for me: a solo play. And it only took ten years to do it. I actually finished a version of the play about a year after I started it, even tried to get it into the Toronto Fringe. But I wasn’t ready. I remember sitting at Theatre Passe Muraille that year, and as the draw got closer and closer to the Local 60 minute category, my confidence faltered and I started to hope that I didn’t get in. Of course, I didn’t. And I do think that’s good, because I was certainly not ready to perform this play then.

I came back to it on and off over the remaining years, until just this past year, I told myself it was time to dust it off and make it ready to perform. I entered the lottery for the Toronto Fringe, and didn’t get in (the odds are really tough on that one, let me tell you), but I was really determined this time, so I entered the Hamilton Fringe lottery. And I didn’t get in there either.

And then, just before Sarah and I left for the Farm for Christmas, I got an email: I’d been on the waiting list for Hamilton Fringe, and there was a spot if I wanted it. I said yes.

So, this play, ten years in the making, will finally see the light of day. And if I am completely honest, that scares the shit out of me. But I think it should scare me. While this play isn’t s confessional or autobiographical piece, it is still one of the most personal things I’ve ever written. And I’m going to perform it. The words I wrote will be spoken by me, standing alone on a stage in front of an audience. I think that should be scary. Doing something that matters to you should be scary.

And that’s even before I start thinking about whether people will come. And I hope you will come and see the culmination of ten years of work. You can buy tickets now, or you can buy them at the door. And you can follow the journey at

See you in Hamilton!

The Commandment Poster BW