Inspiration: Mary Pickford


So few people have seen a Mary Pickford film. And that is really too bad.

When most people think of Silent Film stars, they think of Chaplin, or Keaton. Maybe they think of Douglas Fairbanks. Sometimes, even Valentino.  But Pickford is something special. If you ever get the chance to see one of her Films, do it. Because as soon as she walks on screen, you’ll realize why they called her “America’s Sweetheart”.

Inspiration: WWI Trenches

I have been working on a project about soldiers in WWI, doing a ton of research, reading and watching documentary films. I find photos really helpful as well. Some of the films are not great quality, but the photos always have a lot of detail in them.

Inspiration: Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton

In my work with Keystone Theatre, one of my main inspirations is Buster Keaton. I used to consider myself a Chaplin fan, but once I first saw Keaton’s Cops, I was hooked. Keaton’s understated manner, this “stone face”, his way of getting across what  he’s thinking and feeling without over acting is just so wonderful to watch. Not to mention his innovations in the film making.