Theatre gotta get paid for somehow: A Reading of Romeo & Juliet: Re-translated – June 25th 2017

You’ve probably heard about the show I’m going to be performing in November. I’ve mentioned it once or twice. The play’s working title is Krampus Night, but that might change between now and then.

Making theatre costs money, so I’ve got to do a little fund raising. My first fundraising effort is going to be on June 25th at the Social Capital Theatre in Toronto. Its a fun event I’m calling Shakespeare, Re-translated: Romeo & Juliet.

Tickets are $30 at the door or $25 in advance at And since this is a fundraiser, if you can you can’t attend, but want to help me fund the November show, there’s a spot to donate there as well.

So what is Shakespeare, Re-translated? Here’s how it works: I’m going to take Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and run it through a popular online language Translator into another language, then take that translated version and run it BACK through that same Translator and translate it back into English. Then, give it to some really brave and talented folks to read in front of an audience, without them knowing in advance what language I used, or getting to see the re-translated play beforehand.

The really brave and talented actors who’ll be doing this are:

Dave Miller
Merritt Crews
Tom McGee
Richard Beaune
Kiran Friesen
Austin Shaefer
Sarah Strange
Torey Urquhart
Scott Emmerson Moyle


I hope you’ll come out and have fun hearing this strange, fun thing get read, while helping me make theatre this fall. You can find more information here.

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