Confessions of a terrible Halo player

I love playing Halo. I have played Halo on and off with each iteration since Halo 4. The single player games are good, but the issue comes down to the multiplayer games, which is what Halo has survived on for ages. And I enjoy playing it (for the most part). The problem is, that I’m not very good. I’ve never been very good at it. Whenever I play it (or any multiplayer first person shooter), I die a lot. Like a lot. Because I’m not very good. And in the past, I have eventually abandoned the game because it’s hard to enjoy a game where you just die over and over.

The latest version, Halo Infinite seems to do a better job of matchmaking than previous versions have. I have a better chance to find myself playing with people who are closer to my level of terribleness than I used to, so its only slightly less frustrating. For me that is. Its probably just as frustrating for the people I end up playing with.

Because I’m not very good.

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