The Annual Navel Gaze 2015

As I say every year, I don’t do Resolutions, but as the year draws to a close, I do like to look back at the year I’ve had and pick out some highlights. Sometimes I even post about things I’m looking forward to in the coming year. So let’s get to the year in review.

  1. Sarah and I took some wonderful trips, both road trips across Ontario (Penetanguishene in the Summer to see the amazing Sarah Strange bring the house down in a panto at the Kings Warf Theatre; and Minden for a fall getaway), as well as a powerhouse writing vacation in Montreal.
  2. I travelled a bunch. My awesome job gives me the chance to travel, and if I get some free time, I do some sightseeing. Highlights for me were Boston, San Francisco, and New Orleans.
  3. I hosted a long weekend playwrights retreat on Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point, which was a great experience. I enjoyed both taking the time to hunker down and write, as well as having the chance to get to know a few other playwrights.
  4. I decided that it was time to get off my butt and finally do something with the solo show I’ve been working on for almost ten years. So, I focused on it for a while and worked it into a condition that I’m pretty happy with, and then I submitted it to the Toronto Fringe lottery and promptly did not get in. So, I submitted it to the Hamilton Fringe Lottery, and also didn’t get in. Except that I did. The day that Sarah and I were heading out for our Christmas break, I got an email from them saying that I’d been on the waiting list and a slot had opened up for me.
  5. I wrote a lot. Not as much as I’d like to But probably more than I have before.
  6. Evenings and weekends just staying home with Sarah. Its not a huge thing, but its a nice thing. Just being at home, relaxing with the one you love.

And as for next year:

  • Launching my weekly theatre podcast.
  • Performing my solo play, The Commandment.
  • Hosting another playwrights retreat at Gibraltar Point.
  • More awesome times with Sarah.

A Great Weight

There is a great weight on my (I want to say shoulders, but that doesn’t quite put it in the right context) heart.  This will pass, but until it does, please forgive me if I seem somewhat distracted.