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Awesome Covers: Jump

Can we talk about Paul Anka covering Van Halen’s Jump as a swing version of the song for a second?  Yeah, that’s a thing that happened. And its worth listening to.Read More

Awesome Covers: And She Was

When I was a teenager, I didn’t really get the Talking Heads. They were weird, and not very musical (I thought at the time). As I get older though, I findRead More

Awesome Covers: Life’s What You Make It

I love this cover of Talk Talk’s Life’s What you Make It by Placebo. The song is recognizably like the original, but the sound is pure Placebo (I’ve mentioned Placebo’s coversRead More

Awesome Covers: Voices Carry

One of my favourite covers of Til Tuesday’s Voices Carry is by Rayna. The lyrics of the original have a dark sadness, and this simple version, using just piano and voiceRead More