The Annual Navel Gaze 2015

As I say every year, I don’t do Resolutions, but as the year draws to a close, I do like to look back at the year I’ve had and pick out some highlights. Sometimes I even post about things I’m looking forward to in the coming year. So let’s get to the year in review.

  1. Sarah and I took some wonderful trips, both road trips across Ontario (Penetanguishene in the Summer to see the amazing Sarah Strange bring the house down in a panto at the Kings Warf Theatre; and Minden for a fall getaway), as well as a powerhouse writing vacation in Montreal.
  2. I travelled a bunch. My awesome job gives me the chance to travel, and if I get some free time, I do some sightseeing. Highlights for me were Boston, San Francisco, and New Orleans.
  3. I hosted a long weekend playwrights retreat on Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point, which was a great experience. I enjoyed both taking the time to hunker down and write, as well as having the chance to get to know a few other playwrights.
  4. I decided that it was time to get off my butt and finally do something with the solo show I’ve been working on for almost ten years. So, I focused on it for a while and worked it into a condition that I’m pretty happy with, and then I submitted it to the Toronto Fringe lottery and promptly did not get in. So, I submitted it to the Hamilton Fringe Lottery, and also didn’t get in. Except that I did. The day that Sarah and I were heading out for our Christmas break, I got an email from them saying that I’d been on the waiting list and a slot had opened up for me.
  5. I wrote a lot. Not as much as I’d like to But probably more than I have before.
  6. Evenings and weekends just staying home with Sarah. Its not a huge thing, but its a nice thing. Just being at home, relaxing with the one you love.

And as for next year:

  • Launching my weekly theatre podcast.
  • Performing my solo play, The Commandment.
  • Hosting another playwrights retreat at Gibraltar Point.
  • More awesome times with Sarah.